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Can you name one president who were in office at the same time of these Brazilian leaders?

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Forced Order
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Brazilian President or MonarchAmerican PresidentHint
D. Pedro IFirst Brazilian Emperor
D. Pedro IISecond and Last Brazilian Emperor
Floriano PeixotoSecond President of Brazil
Afonso PenaFirst Brazilian President to Die in Office
Washington LuísLast president before The Vargas Era
Getúlio Vargas (I)Vargas dictatorship
Eurico Gaspar DutraFirst president elected after Vargas Era
Getúlio Vargas (II)Democratically Elected
Brazilian President or MonarchAmerican PresidentHint
Juscelino KubitschekConstruction of Brasilia
João GoulartLast president before the military dictatorship
Ernesto GeiselFourth president of the Military government
João FigueiredoLast military president
Fernando CollorFirst elected president after the Military dictatorship
LulaFirst president from Workers Party
Dilma RousseffFirst woman elected to presidency in Brazil
Michel TemerIncubent president

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