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Can you name the songs that have the word 'Rain' in the title?

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HintTitle of SongYear
Laughing, bathing, doesn't matter...he just wants to see you in it.1984
That someone was right, there is a calm before the storm.1971
If you're seeing this, your house is either burning down or flooding..GET OUT!1970
Of course this Metal God couldn't sing about rainbows, he had to toughen it up a bit..1983
If this girl leaves him, prepare for mass flooding and start building your ark..2011
Forget cats and dogs...Get ready girls!1982
Good luck getting your crops to grow if this happens...1992
If you got money and you know it, take it out ya pocket and show it then throw it.2006
HintTitle of SongYear
I love these type of nights too, bust out the movies and popcorn.1980
Its an odd place to sing, but did say its 'My Way'1952
Not the most candle friendly situation ever.1992
That's ironic, usually one would use water to put out fire..2011
For the country folks, McGraws woman is his favorite kind of precipitation.2003
If you would've just brought your umbrella this would've never happened...1969
Apparently a lot of cool stuff happens here, I always thought there was just a pot of gold... 1939

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