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Can you name the Horror Movies with hints such as their director and year in just under 8 minutes?

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HintMovieDirector and Year
An angry mother blames camp counselors for the drowning of her son, Jason.Sean Cunningham, 1980
On Halloween, a young child named Michael Myers kills his sister. Years later he breaks out of Smith's Grove Sanitarium to finish what he started.John Carpenter, 1978
A child killer was burned to death and now he haunts people in their dreams.Wes
A psychopath dressed in his deceased mother's clothes is known for killing someone in the shower.Alfred Hitchcock, 1960
Scientists at U.S Outpost 31 find out Norway has brought an alien that can shapeshift into other living beings...and they need to kill it.John Carpenter, 1982
Title character goes to her prom and gets pig blood dumped on her, and she's not pleased.Brian de
In Maine, every 27 years a shapeshifting being turns into people's worst fears...and it is mostly known for its clown form.Andrés Muschietti, 1990
An alcoholic is driven crazy and is famous for shouting 'HEEERES JOHNNY!!!'Stanley Kubrick, 1980
People dress up in masks and kill a rich family for their allowance and Will.Adam Wingard, 2011
A 'Good Guy Doll' goes around killing people.Tom
Holland, 1988
Ghostface calls a girl on the phone. He asks what her favorite scary movie is. She says Halloween, after thinking. She fails the trivia questions, ending her life.Wes
A man is diagnosed with cancer and he puts people in life changing traps to make them appreciate life.James
Birds: Passive, marvelous creatures: start attacking people!Alfred Hitchcock, 1963
A man known for wielding a Chainsaw is known as Leatherface. He belongs to a family of cannibals.Tobe Hooper, 1974
Two parents adopt a child, only to realize that their adopted son is some sort of anti-christ.Richard Donner, 1976
HintMovieDirector and Year
Young Regan Macneil is possessed by a demon named Pazuzu because she played with a ouija board.William Friedkin, 1973
A famous scene and quote is a little girl staring at a static TV and then saying, 'They're Here!'Tobe Hooper, 1982
If anyone watches Samara Morgan's tape, she is going to kill them in a week.Gore Verbinski, 2002
A family moves into a house only to find a haunted doll.James
A family black people who have a relationship with their white people.Jordan Peele, 2017
If you talk, scream, or make any sounds, 1 of 3 aliens will hear you... and kill you.John Krasinski, 2018
In this world, you can't look outside, or else a invisible demon will make you commit suicide.Susanne
This was the one of the first ever films to use the found footage technique.Eduardo Sánchez and
Daniel Myrick,
A pregnant woman soon finds out her baby is..well, let's just say...unnatural.Roman Polanski,
Look behind you, a red demon might be standing behind you...James Wan,
Clarice Starling, a young FBI trainee, seeks the advice of the imprisoned Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.Jonathan Demme, 1991
Tree Gelbman wakes up in a loop where she keeps getting killed by a baby faced killer. Turns out the killer was her roomate.Christopher Landon, 2018
A girl gets lost in a mirror maze, and finds a duplicate version of herself. Turns out there are evil duplicates of everyone, but for the girl, they switched sides.Jordan Peele, 2019
A couple moves into a new house, but it's haunted.Oren
Amelia Vanek is a troubled and exhausted widow who raises her son, Samuel. But whether in a word or in a book, she can't hide from the (title character.)Jennifer
Kent, 2014

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