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Forced Order
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Chancellor (March 1930-May 1932)
Key Weimar politician who died in 1929
Name of the new Nazi labour organisation set up to replace free trade unions
Part of constitution which gave the Weimar president the power to rule by decree
Percentage of the vote won by the Nazis in March 1933
Original founder of the DAP
Plenipotentiary of the Office of the Four Year Plan
Name given to aristocratic landowners
Law which gave Hitler legislative powers
Key left-wing opponent of Hitler within the NSDAP
Word used by Nazis meaning 'people's community'
President elected in 1925 and again in 1932
Name of Hitler's autobiography
Number of points in the Nazi programme of Feb. 1920
Meeting in Fed.1926 that confirmed Hitler as Fuhrer of the Nazi party
Name for a regional Nazi party leader
Leader of the DNVP
Name of Hitler's first Economics Minister
Year of the Berlin Olympic Games
Industrialist who supported the Nazis from 1929
Part of 1920 programme that Hitler later rejected
Prison where Hitler was held after the failed Putsch
Event of 30th June 1934
Specialist term for economic self-sufficiency
Post rejected by Hitler in August 1932
Term for overlapping government agencies
Propaganda event staged for the opening of the new Reichstag in March 1933
Number of NSDAP Reichstag seats won in May 1928
Word for 'living space', used in referring to expansionist policies
Word for 'co-ordination'

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