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American photographer
Director of the FBI
Co-founder of Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries
Author of 'Giovanni's Room'
British novelist, famous for stories set in inter-war Germany
American transcendentalist poet
Civil rights leader, organised march on Washington
Playwright of 'Raisin in the Sun'
Irish playwright
American physicist and astronaut
American Researcher and sexologist
English Elizabethan dramatist
Chief of the Native American Crow tribe
Russian ballet dancer
British poet who wrote 'Funeral Blues'
American jazz poet
American actor; star of 'Pillow Talk'
American author of 'Death Comes for the Archbishop'
American social reformer
American tennis player
American Nobel Peace Prize recipient
British WWII computer scientist
British author of 'Maurice'
Swedish actress
Author of 'The Well of Loneliness'
American dancer
British singer of the band 'Queen'
Dancer and singer known as 'the Black Pearl'
Poet of the Harlem Renaissance (niece of famous suffragist)
American singer-songwriter
American folk singer
American poet of the Beat Generation
Irish-born soldier who fought in the US Civil War
Science-fiction author
French romantic writer
American scholar and anthropologist
Renaissance era artist and sculptor
British racing driver and WWII pilot
Author of 'The History of Sexuality'
Ancient Greek poet
German physician and sexologist
English playwright of 'Private Lives
Poet and abolitionist
American writer and poet
French poet
French swordswoman and opera singer
Transgender Stonewall activist
Zuni Native American
German actress and singer
American author and essayist
Blues singer
French author of 'In Search of Lost Time'
Mexican painter
British author of 'Mrs Dalloway'
Author who wrote 'A Streetcar named Desire'
First openly gay politician elected in the US
Writer, activist, and poet
American composer and songwriter

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