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Forced Order
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Blake's unnerving directness and incantatory rhythms drum in our hearts and fire the blood.
'The Tyger' is about the French and American revolutions; Blake is a radical and dissenting poet.
Blake has a profound interest in human emotions and a profound knowledge of them.
Blake declares the value of individuality.
Blake felt compelled to shock and provoke. He was against anything anyone else thought, unless they were mythological, biblical, or from an imagined lost ancient past.
Blake's attitude towards angels was profoundly hostile.
Blake fashioned an ideal form of human existence and weighed contemporary society against it.
Blake thought the true England was sleeping, and he was going to wake it up through poetry and art.
Blake gives a glimpse of the fully human, of the transcendent entwined with earthly realities.
Blake's poems are visionary and full of a qualified anger - anger that is channelled and leads you somewhere else.
Blake believed joy is both natural and divine.
Blake's Songs are scathing in their criticism of the prevailing mood of enlightenment rationality.

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