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Can you name the American person, place or thing that would place fourth in each category?

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CategoryAnswerFirst, Second, and Third place
Fourth president
Fourth Democratic president
Fourth Republican president
Fourth oldest president at inauguration
Fourth youngest president at inauguration
Fourth state (by date of statehood)
State with the fourth largest population (2010)
State with the fourth smallest population (2010)
Fourth most densely populated state
Fourth largest state (by area)
Fourth smallest state (by area)
State with the fourth longest coastline (not including lakes)
Fourth most populous city
Fourth tallest building
Fourth wealthiest person (2012)
CategoryAnswerFirst, Second, and Third place
Fourth highest mountain
Fourth longest river
Fourth largest lake (by area)
Fourth busiest airport
Fourth oldest university
Fourth largest university (by enrollment)
Fourth winningest college football program
Fourth winningest Division I men's college basketball program
Fourth most valuable company
Fourth most popular soft drink
Fourth MLB team to win the World Series
Fourth MLB player to pitch a perfect game (modern era)
Fourth highest-paid professional athlete (2011)
Fourth man to walk on the moon
Fourth highest-grossing film of all time (adjusted for inflation)

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