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Can you name the codenames of notable WWII military operations?

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DescriptionOperation CodenameStart Date
Evacuation of Allied forces from Dunkirk, France26 May 1940
German invasion of the Soviet Union22 June 1941
'Channel Dash' of several German naval vessels from Brest through the English Channel to their home ports in Germany11 February 1942
British Commando and Royal Navy raid on St. Nazaire in German-occupied France28 March 1942
Unsuccessful Allied raid on the German-occupied port of Dieppe19 August 1942
Allied landings in French North Africa8 November 1942
American operation to shoot down the plane carrying Japanese Admiral Yamamoto18 April 1943
British deception plan involving a corpse dressed as a Royal Marine officer carrying fake documents19 April 1943
Allied invasion of Sicily9 July 1943
Allied invasion of Salerno, Italy9 September 1943
Rescue of Benito Mussolini by German paratroopers12 September 1943
DescriptionOperation CodenameStart Date
Allied landing in southern France15 August 1944
Allied deception plan to mislead the German high command about the date and location of the invasion of Northwest Europe1943
Allied invasion of Normandy6 June 1944
Capture by British airborne forces of two bridges over the River Orne and the Caen canal (Pegasus Bridge) during the Allied invasion of Normandy6 June 1944
Construction of underseas oil pipelines from England to France following the Normandy invasion12 August 1944
Unsuccessful Allied attempt to cross the Rhine with airborne troops17 September 1944
Evacuation of Allied troops trapped after the Battle of Arnhem22 October 1944
American invasion of Iwo Jima19 February 1945
Allied invasion of Okinawa1 April 1945
Planned invasion of Japan (cancelled following Japanese surrender)N/A

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