African American Sitcoms

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Can you name the Sitcoms that feature characters mainly of African American descent?

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Ashley Banks, Jazz, Hilary Banks1990-1996
Rudy Huxtable, Clair Huxtable, Olivia Kendall1984-1992
Florence Johnston, Helen Willis, Lionel Jefferson1975-1985
Lester Jenkins, Sandra Clark, Mary Jenkins1985-1990
Robert James, Dirk Black, Bobby James2003-2007
Maxine Shaw, Regine Hunter, Kyle Barker1993-1998
Gina Payne, Pamela James, Martin Payne1992-1997
Mona Thorne, Dee Dee Thorne2002-2006
Joan Clayton, Toni Childs, Lynn Searcy2000-2008
Steve Hightower, Lovita Jenkins, Regina Grier1996-2002
Melanie Barnett, Tasha Mack, Derwin Davis2006-2009
Ernest Frye, Thelma Frye, Rueben Gregory1986-1991
Jamie King, Fancy Monroe, Helen King1996-2001
Thelma Evans, Keith Anderson, James Evans1973-1979
Dwayne Wayne, Whitley Gilbert, Ron Johnson1987-1993
Michael Kyle, Junior Kyle, Jay Kyle2001-2005
CJ Payne, Janine Payne, Curtis Payne2007-present
Chris, Rochelle, Julius (last names not used)2005-2009
Darryl Hughley, Yvonne Hughley, Sally Rogers1998-2002
Eddie Winslow, Laura Winslow, Steve Urkel1989-1998
Arnold Jackson, Willis Jackson, Philip Drummond1978-1986
Leroy Brown, Will Brown, Sasha Brown2009-present
Mark Cooper, Vanessa Russell, Nicole Lee1992-1997
Eddie Sherman, Malcom McGee, Nicolette Vandross1996-2000
Bernie McCullough, Wanda McCullough2001-2006

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