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settlement house 
battled for welfare of children, women and blacks 
proclaimed gospel of kindness and forgiveness 
devoted to American unity 
founded Christian Science Church 
origin of species 
fought for black education. wanted all blacks to be successful 
complete equality for all blacks. top 10% should be elite 
explored philosophy and psychology of religion 
suggested 100% tax on property profits to boost economy 
virtue+honesty+industry=success, wealth and honor 
typified a new breed of American authors 
encouraged women to get involved 
wanted women's vote 
intensified cycle of warfare on Indians 
chief of Nez Perce. led tribe 1500 miles 
about wrote children's book about government's ruthless dealings with Indians 
geologist. suggested 'dry farming' 
frontier thesis 
leader of the Grange 
ran for Greenbacks in election of 1880 
Coin's Finiancial School 
'raise less corn and more hell' 
marched to Washington on foot. wanted protection for the unemployed 
organized American Railway Union 
republican president in 1896 
runs Mckinley's campaign 
democratic nominee in 1897 

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