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Important people of the Gilded Age
Steel king
people's party nomination in 1892
A huge speculator and cornered the gold market
president in 1889
Banker's banker
American Federation of Labor
becomes president after garfield killed
Founded the Central Pacific Railroad
president in 1880
Made money on steamboats and low railroad rates
populist leader
Governor of Illionois, pardoned three people in prision after Haymarket Square
cornered the gold market
banking firm
millionaires are a product of natural selection
president in 1878
Leader of the Stalwarts
won election of 1869
Important people of the Gilded Age
high tariff
lost election of 1876
Founded the Great Northern
shot Garfield
invented the light bulb. 'Invention Factory'
Founded the Central Pacific Railroad
speaker of the house in 1888
lost election of 1880
Knights of Labor leader
Invented the telephone
vice president for Cleveland
people's party nomination in 1896
lost election of 1869
Oil King
leader of Half Breeds
lost election of 1872. Eidtor of 'New York Tribune'
president in 1885
cartoonist of Boss Tweed

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