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Can you name the Herbology of Harry Potter?

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Chamber of Secrets
Hopping mushroom 
Goblet of Fire
An ingredient used in 'Shrinking Solution' 
Whacked Harry Potter in the face 
Is used to cure acne 
Half-Blood Prince
Green onion 
Goblet of Fire
Rat tails 
Order of the Phoenix
Hermione drew this in a diagram 
Likes bite non-suspecting persons 
Often mistaken for a species that likes to strangle people 
This was given to a professor  
Once used as a password 
Doesn't like too much dragon dung 
Was a subject of an essay 
Is dark red 
Multiple Mentions
Planted specifically for a wedding 
Loves the dark, not so fond of light 
Planted to protect a certain student 
Wear a mouth gard with this one 
Cries if you pull on it 
Prisoner of Azkaban
Has pink seeds 

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