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Can you name the different trivia facts from the show Scrubs?

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The name of JD's ipod is
Carla finds this in the 'pancake drawer'
Elliot uses this as an icebreaker when meeting men
JD's pin number
Ted's gun is located here
Turk's custom phone number
Carla replaces Rowdy with another stuffed dog named
JD's 'pillow girlfriend' is named
What does SCB stands for?
The four original Brain Trust members are
According to the Janitor the big business when stealing cutlery is in forks and what?
Who is Bunny, in relation to Dr. Kelso?
The name of the hook handed security guard is
Leonard got his hook hand because he got it stuck in
How did Elliot try to kill herself
What creature does JD say is the reason he will never swim in lakes?
What does TCW stand for?
Who does JD mistakenly describe as 'The Black Golfer' ?
Where did Todd go to medical school?
Who is Molebutt?
Three patients all die at the same time from transplated organs all infected with what?

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