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Characteristics of Chordates
Chordata subphyla
Tunicates: Sessile, marine filter feeders 
Lancelets: Segmented marine animals  
Have neural crest, axial/appendicular skeleton, and a chambered, ventral heart 
Vertebrata classes
Sharks, rays, skates 
Swim bladder, mucus secretion, include lungfish, lobe-finned fish, ray-finned fish 
Two lives via metamorphosis, external fertilization, 3 chambered hearts 
Dry skin, internal fertilization 
Internal fertilization, 4 chambered hearts, adapted to be light 
Hair or fur, milk production, 4 chambered hearts, diaphragm  
Mammal types
Gives birth to live young 
Lays eggs 
Gives birth to underdeveloped young 

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