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Bacterial Shapes
Gram staining
not affected by Gram staining, have a outer membrane 
turns purple due to Gram staining, lack outer membrane 
Genetic alteration by DNA uptake from environment 
viral DNA inserted into a bacterial genome 
bacterium to bacterium DNA transfer 
Nutritional Nodes
energy from light, carbon from carbon dioxide 
energy from chemicals, carbon from carbon dioxide 
energy from light, carbon from organic molecules 
energy from chemicals, carbon from organic molecules 
Relationship with Oxygen
Requires oxygen 
Killed by oxygen 
Can switch between aerobic and anaerobic respiration 
Produces methane 
Tolerates saline environments 
Tolerates hot temperatures 
Both organisms benefit 
One organism benefits, other is unaffected 
One organism benefits, other is harmed 
Toxin within bacteria 
Toxin secreted by bacteria 

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