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Can you name the facts about Stannis Baratheon from Game of Thrones?

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Seat of House Baratheon
Seat of Stannis' power at the start of the series, given to him by his brother
Traditional sigil for House Baratheon
Design Stannis added to his sigil to mark his new religion
The traditional religion of House Baratheon
The religion to which Stannis has converted
Stannis' primary spiritual advisor in his new faith
His spiritual advisor proclaims that he is '(this messianic figure) reborn'
Position Stannis held on his brother's small council
The site of his greatest victory in the current war
Army which Stannis saves at that location
The site of his most devastating defeat in the current war
Secret weapon that broke Stannis' fleet at this battle
His first Hand of the King
His second Hand of the King
His older brother
His younger brother
Name of the disease afflicting his daughter
Financial institution from which Stannis procures funding to continue the war

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