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Can you name the actor common to these movies?

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Group 1A
Revolver; The Italian Job; Cellular 
Traffic; 21 Grams; Liscence to Kill 
Eurotrip; Swordfish; Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels 
Group 2A
A Perfect Murder; Hidalgo; A History of Violence 
National Treasure; Patriot Games; Goldeneye 
X-men; The Da Vinci Code; Six Degrees of Separation 
Group 3A
Sin City; Pearl Harbor; Hollywood Homicide 
Angels and Demons; The Island; The Men Who Stare at Goats 
Saving Private Ryan; Dreamcatcher; Red Planet 
Group 1B
Dark Knight; Air Force One; Basquiat 
Top Gun; The Saint; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 
Catch Me If You Can; Pulp Fiction; The Rundown 
Group 2B
Spiderman; Bring It On; Wimbledon 
The Departed; The Hunt for Red October; Fun With Dick and Jane 
Stealth; The Illusionist; Next 
Group 3B
Hot Fuzz; How to Lose Friends and Alienate People; Shaun of the Dead 
Reality Bites; Mr. Deeds; Edward Scissorhands 
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan; Invasion of the Bodysnatchers; Deathwatch 
Group 1C
Glory; The Shawshank Redemption; Along Came a Spider 
The Usual Suspects; Moon; Beyond the Sea 
Iron Man; The Royal Tenenbaums; Running With Scissors 
Group 2C
Secret Window; A Nightmare on Elm Street; Finding Neverland 
Domino; Love Actually; King Arthur 
Munich; Quills; Mystery Men 
Group 3C
The Waterboy; Little Nicky; The Wedding Singer 
Donnie Darko; Kung Fu Panda; Fanboys 
Stealing Harvard; Orange County; The Cable Guy 
Group 1D
Movie common to Group 1A 
Movie common to Group 1B 
Movie common to Group 1C 
Group 2D
Movie common to Group 2A 
Movie common to Group 2B 
Movie common to Group 2C 
Group 3D
Movie common to Group 3A 
Movie common to Group 3B 
Movie common to Group 3C 
Group 4
Actor common to Group 1D 
Actor common to Group 2D 
Actor common to Group 3D 
Final Answer
Movie common to Group 4 

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