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Every pencil has one, yet it doesn't have me.
Here is an easy one: Purple is my color, Volatile is my nature
When I am more I give you diabetes with a bronze touch
I am there in alcohol, yet not in water
Last Named Element of the Periodic Table
Iron is to Humans as _______ is to Mollucs
BBBBBBBBBBBB. Can you see my heart ?
I cause madness when in your blood, yet I am used in packing chips.
I am the metal that would melt in your hand
X Rays
I filled the fat man and an entire city couldn't satisfy his appetite
What does brass have that bronze doesn't ?
Fact: The sun is at the centre of solar system, not the Earth
I killed my Mom but the ladies painted their lips with me in 1920s
You can look for me everywhere on earth you won't find me, yet I am one of the first 60
I was the flesh of one of Dorothy's mates , and no I am not a feral beast.
Davy warned you, to not feed me water
If you increase vitamin E you need less of me
I am the difference between steel and stainless steel
Pietro Maximoff
I was born from my father's urine

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