Word Ladder: Illness

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Can you name the words to this 4-letter ladder based on illness?

Updated Jan 26, 2012

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✙ Bacteria that may cause sickness ✙
A period of time
A group of players on the same side
A dark greenish-blue colour
Communicate information
✙ Ill people get 'Get ____ soon' cards ✙
✙ May want to write this if terminally ill ✙
✙ What you may take to fight an illness ✙
A cloth spread over a coffin
A bucket
✙ Physical suffering caused by illness ✙
Falling water from the sky
A surprise attack
100 cents in South Africa
A group of musicians
✙ You might be this after radiotherapy ✙
Confident and courageous
✙ A 'common' kind of illness ✙
Rope made from several twisted strands
The centre of an object
✙ A substance that remedies a disease ✙
Not corrupt
A small opening in the surface of the skin
Strike a position
✙ This may be runny or stuffed when ill ✙
Eat food enthusiastically
Two time Canadian NBA MVP
✙ This may cause skin to itch or swell ✙
Tear down a building in the UK
Move to a higher position
Oriental food, easy to eat a thousand of
A stack of hay
✙ Another word for ill ✙
Go further below the surface
A trigonometric function
✙ What you wish to be when you're sick ✙
Discharge a gun
A river in northern England
Land area equivalent to 0.405 hectare
✙ Dull pain in a part of the body ✙

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