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Can you name the words to the 4-letter and 5-letter word ladders about printers?

Updated Jan 26, 2014

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5-Letter Ladder
Primary action of a printer 
Beginner's Photoshop 
New Orleans NFL player 
Person's period of work 
Skunks make you this 
Something that is brown and sticky 
Store merchandise 
Wedge or block placed against a wheel 
Young bird 
Narrow opening 
Pulls oneself up while grasping an overhead bar 
Nickel and dime 
Painful areas of thickened skin on the foot 
Punny or stupid, like a joke 
Hart who sang of sunglasses at night 
Drew who hosts 'The Price Is Right' 
Babysitter, nurse, etc. 
Playful skipping 
What printers print on 
4-Letter Ladder
Alternative option on a printer 
Deal with something difficult 
Flexible heavy cord of intertwined fiber 
Actor's part 
'Do a barrel ____' 
Road fare 
Work extremely hard 
Neat, awesome, swell 
Poultry cage 
Karate move 
Grub or eats 
Tell's partner in school 
Go to the mall 
Floating vessel 
Captain of a curling team 
Largest organ of the human body 
The full extent of something 
Alternative option on a printer 

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