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Spin serve that makes the ball bounce high in the air1
Taste directly with your tongue2
Not having enough of something3
____[rung 7]: a shot on your non-dominant side4
A financial institution5
A group that plays music6
[rung 4]____ / [rung 37]____: a shot on your non-dominant/dominant side7
Court surface of the US and Australian Open8
Hospital division9
Merchandise, goods, or articles10
Thin metal flexible thread11
A shot that lands out by missing the [rung 13]line12
Singles and doubles lines are also called ____lines13
A place where an event is occurring14
How one gets on a chair15
Usually need to win two or three of these to win16
Black, Mediterranean, and Caribbean17
Mineral springs18
Extend across19
Rotation of the ball20
Eject saliva21
A certain position on the floor22
Hit the ball23
Display to the audience24
Move at a low speed25
Turn over soil to prepare it for planting of seeds26
A cunning plan or scheme27
Engage in a game of tennis28
Court surface of the French Open29
A shelled saltwater mollusk30
One of four major tennis tournaments31
Thin narrow piece of wood32
Type of tennis shot where the ball has no spin33
Two single strokes on the drum with alternating hands34
Small bubbles on top of water35
Your technique36
____[rung 7]: a shot on your dominant side37
Additional amount38
Change position39
Zero points in a [rung 44]40
What a dead person can't do41
Green citrus fruit42
Not cool43
A hold or break of serve44

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