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Can you name the words to this 4-letter tree themed word ladder?

Updated Jul 2, 2012

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☀This typically falls off a tree in autumn☀
Unable to hear sound
To interpret written material
Tear into pieces
The tough outer layer of something
☀One represents a year of a tree's lifetime☀
A short high-pitched ringing sound
16 fluid ounces, in America
A short, quick breath
Section of the whole
☀Public space, usually has many trees☀
☀Protective outer sheath of a tree trunk☀
To block or frustrate
Ointment used to soothe the skin
☀Type of tree found in tropical countries☀
How one looks after seeing a ghost
Heap of things
☀Type of tree that has needle leaves☀
☀Edge of the habitat at which trees are capable of growing: Tree ____☀
☀2011 film: The Tree of ____☀
Elevate to a higher position
Crack or split in something
Unruly crowd
☀Part of the tree that grows underground☀
Owl call
Movie starring Russell Crowe: Robin ____
☀Hard, fibrous tissue found in many trees☀
Hair forming the coat of a sheep
Silly person
Prevent something from succeeding
☀Material in which trees have their roots☀
Travel on a boat
To bless
Part of the leg below the knee
Mary-Kate Olsen is one
☀A small branch☀

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