Word Ladder: Menu Bar

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Can you name the words to this 4-letter word ladder that contains words often found on the menu bar?

Updated Dec 29, 2012

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▪ Where you find Enter Full Screen and Zoom ▪
Strived for victory or superiority
Made a knot
Placed the ball for the first stroke in golf
Take notice of
What is above the shoulders
An untidy pile of things
▪ Where you find assistance and information ▪
Spiritual realm of evil
Where tobogganing is done
Pour gas into a tank
▪ Where you find Open, Save, and Print ▪
Liver's digestive fluid
Slip with the cost at the end of a meal
'For Whom the ___ Tolls'
Location one shouldn't hit below?
Red root vegetable
Musician Michaels of Poison
One from London or Manchester, for short
A soft French cheese
Smallest of the Great Lakes
Actress McClurg or Falco
▪ Where you find Cut, Copy, and Paste ▪

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