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Can you name the words to the beer themed 4-letter word ladder?

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• Alcoholic beverage served in bars •1
Round red root vegetable2
Accessory for keeping your pants up3
Become liquified by heat4
• How beer is made: Step 1 •
Barley is steeped, germinated,
and dried to make this
A tall post that supports the sail of a ship6
• How beer is made: Step 2 •
[Rung 5] is mixed with hot water to
make this mushy substance
TV gameshow: ____ Cab8
To throw bait into the water with a fishing line9
Emit gas from your behind11
A hard, benign growth on the skin12
• How beer is made: Step 3 •
This sugary liquid is drained off from the [rung 7]
Low quality diamond14
A small vessel for travel on water15
• In Valhalla, this animal provides
an endless supply of beer •
A point scored in soccer17
A combustible black rock18
An outer garment that's worn when it's cold19
Abbreviation meaning 'to proceed'20
Contraction meaning unable to21
• Beer may come in these containers •22
• Lids of beer bottles •23
The police24
• How beer is made: Step 4 •
These are boiled with the [rung 13]
to add bitterness and flavour
Shakira's hit single: ____ Don't Lie26
Strikes to a body27
Small islands in a river28
Short form slang for secondary accounts29
• How beer is made: Steps 5 and 6 •
Yeast is added to the solution and left to ferment.
When it ferments at higher temperatures,
it produces these kinds of beer

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