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Can you name the words beginning with SQU?

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A small unfledged pigeon
Couples tend to have this kind of argument
A group of people
A sudden violent gust of wind
The state of being extremely dirty
To waste something recklessly
A type of rectangle
The supersymmetric part of a quark
A 2 player sport that uses racquets
A weightlifting routine, dangerous if done incorrectly
The sound of a parrot
The sound of a mouse
A high pitched cry or noise
Easily made to feel sick or disgusted
One uses this to clean glass. Usually for windshields
A sponge is in your hand. What do you do?
To silence someone
A filler news story
This organism lives underwater
A short curly line
A Mediterranean plant of the lily family
Something one does when trying to see more clearly
The attendant of a knight. Aspires to become a knight himself
Wriggle or twist from side to side
They LOVE nuts!
Water guns do this action
I shall call him _____y and he shall be mine and he shall be my _____y

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