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He was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple 
She joins the long list of musical artists who died at age 27 
He was the United State's most wanted man for the past 10 years 
He was the dictator of Libya who died in the Libyan Civil War 
He was the leader of North Korea since his father died in 1994 
This particle was discovered to possibly travel faster than the speed of light 
Researchers have managed to place solar panels on this extremely thin object 
This planet is extremely similar to Earth and was discovered in late 2011 
Nasa launches this space shuttle for the final time 
Researchers from this institute have designed a drug to kill almost any virus 
World Events
This protest is against the top 1% of Americans owning 40% of the wealth 
This country was devastated by a tsunami and an earthquake 
This country was the first to overthrow their president this year 
The economy of this country has broken down as it nearly faces bankruptcy 
The population of the Earth hit this milestone 
She won an Academy Award for best actress this year 
This is the highest grossing movie of 2011 
This movie is the highest grossing non-sequel in 2011 and #8 overall 
This movie won an Oscar for best picture this year 
This movie is the top grossing animated movie of 2011 
Nintendo has announced the release of this system for next year 
Nintendo released this handheld early in the year 
Sony announced new handheld. Already released in Japan 
Viacom sold this famous company for a paltry $50 
This network was hacked and had to be shut off for 6 weeks 
This player started the tennis season with 41 consecutive wins 
This club won the Champions League this year 
This team came out the victor of the NBA Finals 
She is the highest paid female athlete of 2011 
This team's loss at the Stanley Cup Finals sparked a riot at this team's city 

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