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How fast can Sonic the Hedgehog run?
Who is Sonic's best friend?
Who is Sonic REALLY in love with?
What are the jewels that have unlimited energy called
How many jewels are there?
Who guards a more powerful energy source than the Chaos Emeralds?
What is this more powerful energy source?
Who is the main villain in most Sonic games?
What is this villain's IQ?
What is this villain's main goal?
What does Sonic turn into at night in 'Sonic Unleashed'?
Who is born from the negative energy in the Chaos Emeralds?
Who is Sonic's self-professed girlfriend?
What is the name of the creature that is born from the Master Emerald?
What is this creature made of?
Who is Sonic's biggest fan?
What is the name of Eggman's messenger?
What is the name of Tails' plane?
What is the name of Sonic's sword in 'Sonic and the Black Knight'?
Who is the leader of the Chaotix team?
Who else is on the Chaotix team?
Same question as above, but different character
What is Sonic's favorite food?
What is the name of Amy's hammer?
What is the name of Cream's chao?

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