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A young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.Rochelle, Rochelle
Elaine chooses to see this instead of 'The English Patient'Sack Lunch
Plans to see this movie were affected by Jerry having to dog sit, although he eventually ends up seeing it twice.Prognosis Negative
Jerry became a bootlegging legend for his work with this film.Death Blow
Susan gets upset because Jerry and Elaine don't stop talking during this movie.Chunnel
Jerry refused to bootleg this movie, forcing Kramer to do the work instead.Cry, Cry Again
Mentioned in one of Kramer's moviephone sequences.Brown-Eyed Girl
While Jerry is dog sitting, Elaine and George see this movie about a Spanish conquistador.Ponce De Leon
Mentioned in one of Kramer's moviephone sequences.Agent Zero
Mr. Ross considered it 'a hell of a picture', but Frank Costanza got mad at him for spoiling it.Firestorm
Hint Movie Title % Correct
Forced out of a 'sold out movie' (above), Elaine and Todd Gack are forced to see this flick instead.Blame it on the Rain
Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer all meet up to see this one, only to end up in a risque film instead.Checkmate
A direct-to-video movie that forces Kramer to visit his lawyer about a living will, only to have it revoked when he sees the end of the movie.The Other Side of Darkness
In Kramer's Moviefone intro, he previews this R-Rated action film.Mountain High
In 'The Puerto Rican Day', George gets a laugh by yelling 'That's gotta hurt!' at an opportune moment during this movie.Blimp: The Hindenburg Story
George wanted to see something else, but Susan forced him to see this Glenn Close and Sally Field movie instead.The Muted Heart
A video store employee recommends this film to Elaine. She opts for 'Weekend at Bernie's 2' instead.The Pain and the Yearning
Mentioned in one of Kramer's moviephone sequences. (Elaine's request)Chow Fun
Even though its sold out, Jerry's beautiful girlfriend Nikki is able to get tickets to see this.Means to an End
Jerry wanted to see this movie, but Kramer was too tired from a long day at 'work' by Brandt and Leland.Cold Fusion

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