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More than 20 Episodes
Likes Drake's Coffee Cakes & Chunky Bars 
Invented Festivus, swims with his shoes, and speaks Korean. (full name) 
George claims she has never laughed. (full name) 
George drove her to lesbianism, then later killed with cheap envelopes. (full name) 
Was in the raincoat business for 20 years. (full name) 
Likes Jerry (and can't understand why anyone wouldn't). (full name) 
Elaine's boss. Spent time in the Burmese Jungle. 
5-20 Episodes
Helen Seinfeld's brother. Steals batteries. 
George's Boss. Enjoys calzones. (full name) 
George's superior at the Yankees. Was later abducted by a carpet cleaning cult. 
Kramer's quick-tempered dwarf friend. (full name) 
Subscribes to Penthouse, re-gifts, & converted to Judaism for the jokes. (full name) 
The president of NBC. Enjoy his pasta primavera. 
Dated Elaine, threatened Jerry, and once attacked Kramer, who was saved by Newman's motorcycle helmet. (full name) 
Kramer's lawyer. Has wanted to go after the tobacco companies for years. (full name) 
Likes to follow Jerry's acts. Enjoys eating at Mendy's. (full name) 
Eats his Snickers with a knife and fork. 
Elaine's on-and-off-again boyfriend. Enjoy's painting his face and eating at Arby's. (full name) 
Elaine's boss at Pendant Publishing. Bought Kramer's Cigar Store Indian. 
Manager of Monk's Cafe. Often appears very angry, especially with George. 
Cashier at Monks, George accused her of stealing a 20 from him 
Has a child that resembled Lyndon B Johnson 
2 to 4 Episodes
Dated a high talker 
Had a great space pen. (full name) 
A loose-lipped Rabbi in Elaine's building. 
Homeless man who attempts to steal Kramer's rickshaw. 
Hosts parties and assigns each guest a job. (full name) 
Almost tasted the lobster, was saved by Kramer. (full name) 
Elaine's roomate who dated Kramer and enjoys loud tribal music. (full name) 
Has a good John Houseman name. (full name) 
Chinese food delivery boy. 
A library cop thats been after Jerry since 1971. 
Thinks Jerry is a 'funny ****', father sells 'fat-free' yogurt. 
Was hit in the head by a snowball from Kramer. (full name) 
George's girlfriend who was in a book club. (full name) 
Buys his glasses in Malaysia. Does not use his exclamation points haphazardly. (full name) 
Threw George's clothes in the ocean and referred to him as a 'Pear Shaped Loser'. 
Allowed George to watch 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' with him. (full name) 
Stole George's end seat. (full name) 
Has a cable show entitled 'Jerry Seinfeld is the Devil'. (full name) 
Looks like Sugar Ray Leonard (according to George). 
Chairman of the Susan Ross Foundation. (full name) 
Called Jerry a 'phony', later became a bookie. (full name) 
Cleans pools for a living. 
Met Kramer in the Sauna. Might have been Salman Rushdie. (full name) 
Puerto Rican Street Toughs (1 of 2) 
Puerto Rican Street Toughs (2 of 2) 
Lost her marble rye to Jerry. (full name) 
Made a 'Bouquet of TV guide' to declare his affection for Elaine. 
Blond supermodel who Jerry sat next to in first class. (full name) 
Performed surgery in 'The Junior Mint', broke the news of Susan's death, and diagnosed George's condition in 'The Summer of George' 
Professional car parker. 
Bets on arrivals & departures, was looking to buy Cubans from Kramer. (full name) 
Also known as 'The Bubble Boy'. (full name) 
George's boyhood neighbor. (full name) 
Prefers to be called 'The Maestro'. (full name) 
The heiress to the Oh Henry! candy bar fortune. (full name) 
Designer of the puffy shirt. 
A virgin closet organizer that Jerry dated. (full name) 
Doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom 
Was given a big screen TV as a wedding gift from the gang. 
Jerry's trainer, hired by his parents. (full name) 
Owner of the 'Dream Cafe'. (full name) 
Was hired to find out if Georges girlfriend was 'refunding'. 
Also known as Mulva 
Blew the lid on Uncle Leo's $50 he owed Helen 
Monikor of Yev Kessem 
Notable Single Episode
Elaine's boyfriend who shares a name with a serial killer. (full name) 
An old man Jerry is assigned to care for. Has his records stolen by Kramer & Newman. (full name) 
Kramer's bootlegging friend who eats too much candy. 
Also known as Miss Rhode Island. (full name) 
Also known as 'The Smog Strangler'. (full name) 
A holistic healer who attemps to heal George's tonsilitis. (full name) 
A relative of Jerry who had a pony when she was a little girl in Poland. 
Elaine's well-read communist boyfriend. (full name) 
The assistan wardrobe man on 'Spartacus'. Assists Kramer in the revitalization of the Alex Theatre and has an unsual fascination with buttons. (full name) 
A proctologist who refers to himself as 'The Assman' 
Mailroom employee whom Elaine promotes out of intimidation. (full name) 
Kramer's old roomate. Was always falling behind on his rent. (full name) 
Jerry's childhood friend. They have nothing in common, but he insists on keeping in touch. (full name) 
Kramer's Senior Tour golf trainer. 
A New York City Marathon runner from Trinidad and Tobago. (full name) 
A Jazz musician that dated Elaine and wrote 'Hot & Heavy'. (full name) 
Tennis shop owner who offers his wife to Jerry in exchange for losing a match. 
White woman who isn't Chinese at all, and was born in Long Island. (full name) 
Kramer's character on 'Murphy Brown'. (full name) 
Also known as 'Vegetable Lasagna' 
Jerry's cousin. Likes escorts, gets upset when people mispronounce his last name. (full name) 
Elaine's hard-nosed father and famous novelist. (full name) 
Kramers Lawyer's Doctor 
Kramer's Lawyer's Receptionist 
One of Kramer's best friends. Once had a botched hernia operation, and now spends his days in a chair with high pitched voice. (full name) 
Woman of Jerry's past who in 1973 played a part in either the 'greatest moment' or 'worst momen' of his life. (full name) 
Woman of Jerry's past that confirmed she had orgasms. (full name) 
A friend of Kramer's 'up on 94th street'. (full name) 
A friend of Kramer's who had a fat fetish and never dated women under 250 lbs. 
A friend of Kramer's who 'had the gout'. (full name) 
Kramer's friend who eats horse meat. (full name) 
Works for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation 
Another friend of Kramer. An orthodox Jew who sold Kramer a hot tub. 
Imaginary / Alias
George's alter-ego. (full name) 
An alias used by Jerry on two separate occaisions. (full name) 
Another Kramer alter-ego. Tried to get Elaine's medical chart. (full name) 
Kramer's alter ego. a 'weathly industrialist' who later decides to build a roller-coaster. (full name) 
An alias used by Elaine when trying to get Kramer's Jacket. (full name) 
Elaine's alias as Uncle Leo's nurse. 
Elaine's imaginary boyfriend. (full name) 
Jerry's made up name in 'The Limo'. (full name) 
George's stolen identiy in 'The Limo'. (full name) 
George's horses at his imaginary Hamptons house (1 of 2) 
Horse that Kramer feeds Beef-A-Reeno 
George's horses at his imaginary Hamptons house (2 of 2) 
Chimpanzee who throws a banana peel at Kramer and hurts his feelings. 
Dog that Jerry is stuck taking care of. 
Rooster that Kramer enters into a cockfight at Marcelino's bodega. 
Dog that had a cough, eventually shared his medication with Kramer. 
Bird that ate the key to Jerry's strongbox. 
Dog that lives & barks in a courtyard outside Elaine's window. Finds his way home from upstate New York. 

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