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The Warden of Impel Down.
venom-venom fruit 
He can control peoples hormones.
Horm-Horm fruit 
1st level of Impel Down.
2nd level of Impel Down.
3rd level of Impel Down.
I'm HUNGRY!!! 
4th level of Impel Down.
5th level of Impel Down.
How about level 5.5?
6th level of Impel Down.
What is Brook's 'Pet's' name?
What 4 giant animals were used to fight the prisoners of Impel Down?
How many members of the Baroque Works Escaped from Impel Down?
What former 7 Warlords of the Sea member was being held in Level 6 of Impel Down?
He can summon whales 
What is Franky's favorite drink?
What is Blackbeard's real name?
Who gave Luffy his Straw Hat?
Buggy the Pirate and Red-Haired Shanks knew each other in their youth(True/False)
Who has a GINORMUS sword?
Nice Hat 
People who eat a devil fruit can swim.(True/False)
What was One piece Volume 1 named?
What is the current storyline of Onepiece?
NOT Impel Down.NOT Thriller Bark. 

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