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Is big boned.
Hooray for Chubby!! 
Looks at clouds.
What a Drag. 
Minato's son.
Belive it!! 
There 2 Sasukes, one is Uchiha and the other is...
Gaara's sensei
What Shikumaru stops to save Kurenai during pain invasion.
What animal is the seven tails?
Animal Sasuke summoned during Danzo fight.
User of red su'sanoo.
Frog that always calles himself ungraceful.
Has 3 purple triangles on face.
Animal that runs Uchiha supply base.
First nine tailed Jinchuruki.
10 tails
Original name for Chidori needles.
Blaze Realeses original name.
User of C1-C4
User of White secret technique.
The jutsu that seals orochimaru's arms.
Taka's original name.
Haku was ressurected by...
Crystal user
Yamanaka's power
The name of the statue used by Akatuski to suck tailed beasts
What clan is Nagato in?
Ahiko is a prisoner in which hideout?
What is Sai's favorite word?
Who posseses both sharingan and rinnegan?
What was the design on Tobi's mask during the Uchiha masscare?
Says 'This country is always crying.'
Uses Ninja Art: Needle Jizo.
Is the sixth hokage.
Is nick named Bushy Brows.
The Fire Land's weapon specialest.
Who's name means whirl or screw?
What type of animal is Kamatari?
Who can summon Doki?
What is the name of the deamon in Naruto Shippuden Movie 1 that was supposed to kill Naruto?
What is the name of the Sexy Jutsu in the manga?
What weapon did the Cursed Warrior use?
What is the name of Kisame's sword? (japanese name)
Demon Shark 
What is the name of the only Byakugan user from the mist?
What is Shiromari disguised as?
What's the name of the toad Naruto accidentally summons while fighting Orochimaru?
What is the name of the second person who unlocks the Mangenkyo Sharingan?

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