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Can you answer correctly these questions about Charlotte Brontë's novel, 'Jane Eyre'?

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In what year did Charlotte Brontë publish 'Jane Eyre'?
Complete the opening line of the novel: 'There was no possibility of taking _ ____ ____ ___.'
How old is Jane at the novel's opening?
After her vile cousin, John Reed, throws a book at Jane she defends herself and is locked up for punishment. Where?
Whose spirit is said to haunt this place?
Name... Jane's female cousin who later takes the veil
Jane's other female cousin who attempts to elope with Lord Edwin Vere but eventually marries a wealthy man
The servant kind to young Jane
This servant's husband. Hint: he's the coachman.
Lowood School's cruel and hypocritical master whom Mrs Reed enlists to take Jane away from Gateshead
The kind apothecary who later vouches for Jane's goodness at Lowood after Brocklehurst declared Jane sinful in front of the whole school
Jane's kind, book-loving friend at Lowood who dies of consumption
What is written on her gravestone?
Name... Jane's favourite teacher at Lowood
The teacher who is particularly cruel to Helen
The French teacher
The teacher who instructs the girls how to sew
Mr Rochester's housekeeper whom Jane initially believes the owner of Thornfield
Mr Rochester's ward
His ward's mother. Hint: she's an opera dancer.
Rochester's mad wife, locked in the attic
His wife's keeper who's often drunk
His wife's brother who stops the wedding between Jane and Rochester
The beautiful socialte whom Rochester cruelly leads Jane to believe he is to marry
After finding out that Rochester is married Jane refuses to become his mistress. In what town does she find refuge?
With which family does Jane seek refuge here?
Name... the heir of this family who urges Jane to go to India with him. She refuses his proposal, of course.
The woman he refuses to admit he's in love with
The two Rivers daughters, in order of age
The attorney of John Eyre (Jane's uncle) who tracks down Jane to give her John's inheritance
Where do Jane and Rochester live out their happy ending after Thornfield is demolished in a fire set by Bertha?

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