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Can you name the video game character by the descriptions given?

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DescriptionCharacterGame Series
Round, pink, red shoes, big appetite
First main character in collection of 4 games, blue hair, sword bearer
Short, peach skin, metal, holds balloons, male, REALLY annoying, wears red and blue, giggles a lot, propeller hat
Platinum blonde, galactic mother, star protector, light blue dress
Blonde,wears red and black, sword wielder,18 years old
Medium height, dark brown hair pulled into ponytail, wears orange jumpsuit, white tank top,test subject
Short, brown spiky hair, huge shoes, carries giant key
Female, short brown hair pulled into ponytail,reddish pink vest, jean shorts, cowgirl boots, pale skin, carries a gun
Short, blue and yellow striped shirt, red cap
Tall, light pink hair,sister declared enemy, athletic build, tomboy
Short, blue body, sharp pointed head, animal-plant hybrid
Tall, female, blonde hair pulled into ponytail, wears red, yellow, and orange suit
Medium height, wears pink, princess
All black body, can be different people, appears only in certain games
Short, blonde hair pulled into braid, teal colored dress, gold cape, blue eyes, wears red earrings
Tall, kinda muscular, wears turquoise armor,horns on both sides of helmet, carries a garden tool
Light brown fur, white streak in middle of forehead, expert pilot
Blue, red sneakers with gold buckle, incredibly fast when running
DescriptionCharacterGame Series
Long brown hair, tall, member of a family hunting clan, blue and white jacket, white dress shirt, carries a whip, blue eyes
Frog like, ninja, tongue scarf
White dog with black spots, musical
Female,very long black hair, glasses, white gloves,black and gray clothing, gold piece in middle of chest
Raccoon, moves like a ninja, thief
Italian plumber, bushy mustache, loves mushrooms, wears red
Round, yellow, eats ghosts
Tribal mask, colorful feathers, paint under eyes, leaf goatee
Short, elf-like, often mistaken for a girl, sword wielder
Green skin, rotund, laughs a lot, queen
Young nurse, blonde, green eyes, wears red and white
White crest, dark skin,blue glasses, giant feet
Short, wears white helmet with red ball on top, blue uniform, oblong black eyes, yellow belt
Small, yellow body, brown streaks on back, lightning bolt shaped tail
Fox, orange fur, flies, sidekick
Unknown identity, ninja, helps main character sometimes
Tall, muscular, dark hair, boxer

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