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What is the result of an incompatible combo?
Which tribes have more than 3 Mixels?
What TV station does Mixels normally air on?
Which tribe is very bendy?
When does a 'Max' combo occur?
Name the phrase that Mixels shout when something is fun?
Who are the Mixels' annoying adversaries (enemies)?
How many tribes are there total?
Who is the slowest of the Frosticons?
Name the item that allows Mixels to combine
Why was Krader afraid of using a cubit with Flain to cross a river?Episode
Who sponsors/creates Mixels?
Who is the zippy, energetic Infernite?
Name a member of the Electroids
What tribe does Seismo belong to?
What makes everything better?
How does Flurr get around?
What did Vulk and Zaptor come across when they were telling jokes?Episode
True or False: There are female Mixels
Why did Chomly and Jawg trick Slumbo and Flain with a cubit?Episode

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