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What do you see the first time E. Gadd tries a drink at Starbeans Cafe?
Name one of the enemies you encounter in Woohoo Hooniversity
How do you earn Harhall's Beanstar Piece?
Where do you meet Boddle?
Where do the Hammerhead Bros. live the first time you see them?
How do you learn Bros. moves?
When do you first meet Popple?
Who teaches you Hand Techniques in Gwarhar Lagoon?
Which Bros. Attack involves the sequence B-A-B?
Why do you need the Chuckola Reserve?
Name one of the secret Bros. Attacks
Who is the boss of Gwarhar Lagoon?
Where do you land after the Koopa Cruiser crashes?
In what kingdom does the game take place?
What is the name of the Graveyard of Jokes?
Who are the main antagonists?
What is Rookie's real name?
How do you get Princess Peach to Little Fungitown?
Why do the villains steal Peach's voice?

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