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Now if a man had been born with____ fingers on each hand
He'd also have_____toes, or so the theory goes
Well, with twelve_____, I mean fingers
He probably would've ______2 more digits
When he invented his number_____
Then, if he'd saved____for the end
He could count and ______by twelves.
Just as easily as you and I by____
Now if____
Had been____with six fingers on each hand
He'd probably count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, ___ el do
____and el being 2 entirely new signs
Meaning ___and 11-single digits
And his____,do would've been written:1-0
Get it? That'd be____, to multiply by 12
Hey, _______,I hope you're well
Must be some far-flung____where you dwell
If we were together you could be my____
Down here we call 'em a _____
Hey _______please come back home
Now if ____
Had been born with ___fingers on each hand
His _____would have 'em too
And when they played_______
They'd count by ____,fast
And when they studied______
They'd do their six-finger_____
And when they went to_______
They'd learn the Golden____
And how to multiply by _____easily
Just put down the _____
But me--I have to ____it the hard way
Let me ____now...
1x12 is 12, 2x12 is 24, 3x12 is __4x12 is 48,5x12 is 60
6x12 is 72, 7x12 is 84,8x12 is 96, 9x12 is 108,10x12 is___
11x12 is ___and 12x12 is 144. Wow!
Hey _____, I hope you're thrivin'
Some of us __-toed folks are still survivin'
If you help me with my___
I'll help you with your ___
And we could all be _____
________, please come back home

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