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Can you fill in the lyrics to Do the Circulation from Schoolhouse Rock?

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There’s a great new______
That’s sweeping the______
Come on, do the_________!
It _____with your heart
What a_______sensation
Come on, ___the circulation!
Out through your_______, in through your veins
Your_____pumps your blood, then it does it again
So come on, _____one get it on
________, the circulation!
So_____on, everybody
_______your body for circulation
Circulation! Everybody form a ____now
Circulation! ____your blood, you just start moving around
Circulation! It’s a_______that’s so out of sight
And if your____fall asleep then
You’re not circulating_____
You got____heart parts to pump your blood
____, that’s circulation
____and right ventricle, ____and right atrium
Yeah, they do it, they______
They pump blood through your_____for oxygen
And then your arteries take it_____to your body
And your veins bring back the___blood back to be renewed
Circulation takes ______to your cells
And gets rid of _____ dioxide and waste as well
Circulation, it's a function that's so out of ____
And if your hands are ____ then
You're ___ circulating right
Well, your blood is such a life-giving _____
Like a ____ it's always in motion
____ your head to your toes
Doing ____ as it goes
It's a big, red,______ ocean
Now the blood's not bad, it's ____ of special
Yeah, come ___ it, circulation!
With these red and white ______ cells
Yeah, come do it, _______!
Red cells carry oxygen, white cells _____ the germs
So ____ on, ____ do it, yeah, ____ do it! Circulation!
So come on, come do it, with your ____, come do it! Circulation!
Circulation! Everybody _____ a circle now
Circulation! Like your ____, you just start moving around
Circulation! It's a function that's so ___ of sight
So come on ____ around and
_____ be circulating right!
There’s a great ___craze
That’s_____the nation
Come on, do the_________!
It starts with your_____
What a great________
Come___, do the circulation!
Out through your arteries, in through your ____
Your heart____your blood, then it does it again
Come on, _____, get it on, ______
So ____ on, everybody, get it on, everybody

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