Health promotion of infants

Can you name the health promotion of infants?

when can an infant grasp an object
when can they do the pincer grasp?
when can they do the palmar grasph
when can they remove an object from a container?
when can they transfer an object between hands
Build a tower of 2 blocks
Parachute reflex?
head lag for
head control
rolling from abdomen to back
sit alone by
Move from prone to sitting
increased coordination of extremities
Direction of development
walk with assistance
walk alone
what phase of piaget's theory is this?
Sensorimotor phase is what age
Sensorimotor phase has how many stages?
Stage where the child reacts to stimuli using their reflexes
stage where the child will repeat pleasurable actions (name of stage and months))
stage where the child will repeat pleasurable actions using objects and their own body
what actions are done in the secondary circular stage
what actions are done in the secondary circular stage
stage where the infant begins their intellectual reasoning
when does the child realize that they are different from their parents?
Arises from a failure to form normal attachments to primary caregivers in early childhood & results in severely inappropriate social relating by affected children
when does separation anxiety occur
when does stranger anxiety occur
what is the first verbal communicaiton
when can the child vocalize
when can the child coo, gurgle and LOL?
when can the child initiate sounds and add consonants
when can the child comprehend 'no' & follow commands?
when can a child ascribe a word to a meaning?
when can a child speak with 3-5 words with meaning by?
Temperment may be affected by 2 things
Assists in determining temperment
the RITQ is designed for infants of what age?
Breast milk is the first choice for how long
what supplement is recommended the first 6 months
You should NOT give honey until
when do you introduce solid foods
how long do you wait to introduce another solid food
what supplements may be needed at this time period
finger foods can be introduced when
Weaning from breast or bottle to cup occurs when
nocturnal pattern of 9-11 hours of sleep by when?
cleaning of teeth begins when
when do you start using tooth paste?
when should the first dental visit me
Severe protein-energy malnutrition characterized by edema, sparse hair, moon face, swollen abdomen, flaky skin, little interest in surroundings
severe energy malnutrition that is characterized by an old man or wizened look, emaciated, thin limbs
if a child is on a vegan diet, or any diet that has incomplete amino acids, you should supplement them with
what kind of immune response is being lactose intolerance
what kind of immune response is an allergy to cow's milk
trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
trouble staying awake during the day
confusional arousals, sleepwalking, sleep terrors, rhythmic movement disorders
most important mineral deficiency to worry about
if given cow's milk instead of breast or infant formula what imbalances will you have
what may you see if child given cows milk instead
Low zinc can cause what?
paroxysmal abdominal pain
what occurs during colic
when do colic symptoms increase
what age does colic occur?
3's of colic
3's of colic
3s of colic
what position do you place an infant in while sleeping
Apnea, change in color or muscle tone, choking, gagging, coughing
infants who experience ALTE are sent home with
parents of infants who experience ALTE are taught what?
medication for apnea (2)
what age are toddlers?
characteristics of todllerism
characteristics of todllerism
successful mastery of developmental skills depends on what
toddler weight gain per year
birth weight should be quadrupled by
height increases how many inches per year?
adult height is 2 times the height of what age
when does the anterior fontanel close?
what visual acuity is acceptable during the toddler years?
Inner ear structures are short, straight, tonsils are large which means what is common?
Inner ear structures are short, straight, tonsils are large which means what is common?
Inner ear structures are short, straight, tonsils are large which means what is common?
when do they have sphincter control
running by
climbs stairs by age
improved coordination by
improved manual dexterity by
throws a ball by
draws circles by
What stage is this of Erikson's Psychosocial development?
according to Erikson, what gives toddlers with a sense of comfort?
What is the name for 'common sense/ reason' according to Erikson?
What is the name for the 'impulse' according to Erikson?
What is the name for the 'morals of society' according to Erikson?
according to Erikson, what is a normal way that toddlers try and express their independance?
What phase is this in Piaget's Cognitive Development theory?
13-18 months of age when the child uses active experimentation to achieve previously unattainable goals
Transition between self satisfying relationships and behaviors of infancy to socialized relationhsips
concern with why and how
what age is Piaget's Preconceptual phase
transition between self satisfying behaviors of infancy and socialized relationships
concerned with why and how
Toddlers are aware of the causal relationships between 2 events true or false?
recognizes gender differences by what age
gender identitiy is established by what age
regarding sexuality exploration of what is common?
how do toddlers refer to their body parts?
Regarding social development, what is a MAJOR task for toddlers?
Toddlers have transitional objects like blankets, special toys because they provide?
comprehension of 300 words by what age
when can a child speak 2-3 word phrases
what is common regarding personal social behavior in toddlers?
Skills of a toddler
Skills of a toddler
Skills of a toddler
Skills of a toddler
what kind of play does a toddler do?
what is parallel play?
when can a toddler form simple sentences?
at 3 years old, how many words a day can a toddler acquire?
What are toddlers eating styles?
how much milk should a toddler drink per day
how much sleep does a toddler get per night
when do children get an adult sleeping pattern?
Regarding Dental Health, how often should a toddler have an regular appointment
What age is Preschool age?
How many pounds to preschoolers gain per year?
how much do preschoolers height increase?
What gross motor skills do preschoolers have?
What gross motor skills do preschoolers have?
What gross motor skills do preschoolers have?
What gross motor skills do preschoolers have?
In terms of cognitive development, the 5 year old child would be expected to use what kind of thinking?
what age do children understand conservation of matter?
At school age, what kind of thinking do kids develop?
Actions to satisfy one's own needs and less concern about the needs of others is called
Preschoolers have a concrete sense of what? 2 thinks
How may a preschooler interpret illness as regarding spirituality?
If the skin is broken, what do preschoolers feel will happen?
what are preschoolers frightened of regarding body image?
Regarding sexuality, which parent does the preschooler form a strong attachment to?
Dressing up 'like mommy or daddy' is known as
What anxiety do preschoolers overcome?
What therapy is beneficial for working through fears, anxieties, fantasies
vocabulary & language complexion dramatically increases between what ages?
Preschool children need how much help with toileting, dressing & eating
what kind of play do preschoolers use
What stage kids use play where there is no organization, division of labor, leadership, assignment, or mutual goal. The children are playing the same game but not working together?
caloric requirements for a preschooler are?
fluid replacements are approximately ? depending on activity and climate
how much do toddlers sleep per night ?
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