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Can you name the lyrics that complete The Cure songs from 1989 to 2008?

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Finish the lyrics!Album (# of words)
Sometimes you make me feel like I'm _________Disintegration (7 words)
Quietly he laughs and shaking his head _______Disintegration (10 words)
Let's move to the beat/ like we know that it's over if you_______Disintegration (7 words)
It's always the same/ wake up in the rain/ head in pain___________Wish (6 words)
It's a perfect day for doing the unstuck/ for dancing like you can't hear the beat/ and ________Wish (10 words)
And every time I try to pick it up/ like falling sand/ as fast as I pick it up _________Wish (7 words)
I really don't think it gets any better than this/ vanilla smile/ and a _________Wild Mood Swings (3 words)
Yeah that was it/ that was the Jupiter crash_________Wild Mood Swings (8 words)
Finish the lyrics!Album (# of words)
I can't swallow I just start to shake/ And I just know this is a big mistake ________Wild Mood Swings (5 words)
If I could do it again maybe just once more/ think I could make it work like I did it before________Bloodflowers (6 words)
Yeah the room is small/ The room is bright/ her hair is black_____Bloodflowers (4 words)
Stay if you want to/ I always wait to hear you say there's a last kissThe Cure (8 words)
No this is not about running out on you/ not a case of right or wrong______The Cure (9 words)
Bittersweet again/ her opening move/down and out in black________4:13 Dream (4 words)
Yeah, give it to the kitten and see if it sicks/ then give it to the wonderful, wonderful me_______4:13 Dream (11 words)

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