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Can you name the lyrics from the Cure albums from 1979 to 1987?

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Finish this lyric!Missing lyric(s)Album (# of words)
10:15 on a Saturday Night/and the tap drips under the ______Three Imaginary Boys (2 words)
Stopped. Short._________Three Imaginary Boys (2 words)
Three imaginary boys sing in my Sleep/ sweet child The moon will __________Three Imaginary Boys (3 words)
But I know it's too late/ I'm lost in a forest _________Seventeen Seconds (2 words)
There's nothing left but _______Faith (1 Word)
Something small falls out of your mouth _______Pornography (3 Words)
My head rolls back/ and the walls crash down/ and the sky/and the impossible ________Pornography (1 Word)
Finish this lyric!Missing lyric(s)Album (# of words)
You flicker/ and you're beautiful/ you glow inside my head/ you hold me _____,____The Top (3 Words)
Yesterday I got so scared/ I shivered like a child/ yesterday away from you __________The Head on the Door (5 Words)
But I've stayed away too long this time/ And I've got too______The Head on the Door (5 Words)
I'll run around in circles/ 'til I run out of breath/ I'll eat you all up/ or i'll _______Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (5 Words)
The first time I saw lightning strike/ I saw it underground/ six deep feet below the street __________Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (5 Words)
Show me, show me, show me_______Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (5 Words)

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