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Can you name the people, places and things that start with SCH?

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Creator of Peanuts...
...and his piano player character
Song composed by Lady Gaga, has a bad meaning in German
2003 movie starring Jack Black
Word that designates pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others
7-time F1 World Champion driver
American company that published the 'Harry Potter' series
Mental disorder characterized by difficulty to distinguish reality from unreal experiences
Main Dutch airport
A structured framework or diagram
Former lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls
Austrian currency before the euro
Manchester United midfielder (1993-2013)
Former German chancellor (1974-82)
German industrialist credited for saving the lives of hundreds of Jews during WW II
Actor and former Governor of California
US Army general, leader of coalition forces in the Persian Gulf War
Beverage brand famous for its ginger ale and tonic water
Plan of things that will be done and the times when they will be done
Breed of terriers characterized by a grey or black wiry coat and blunt muzzle

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