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Pristina is the capital of
I am a country and my population is 65,447,374
I am the second largest city in czech republic
The strongest waterfall in europe, Dettifoss, is in this country
Zoroastrianism is most practiced in this country
I am surrounded from all directions by south africa
Oxford university originated in this country
My currency is called the lek
I have the longest border with Lebanon
Roza Isakovna Otunbayeva is the president of this country
A city in uzbekistan. Its ame derives from the sogdian word of 'small fort'
this city was owned by the Czartoryski family until the First Partition of Poland in belarus
This city in Chile was founded by the spanish captain Lucas Martinez de Begazo in 1541
This countrie's motto is called 'Pax et justitia', in english, 'Peace and justice'
I am a country that borders 14 countries, one of them is pakistan
My dependence was declared on July 4, 1776
The Tagus river flows from my neighboring country into my lands and down to mmy sea
The headquarters of the Nokia cell phone in finland is in this city
The largest city in new zealand is
I am the most northern country

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