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Can you name the Ace Ventura facts?

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What is the name of Ace's monkey?
What kind of animal is Ace affraid of?
When Ace enters the tribe village he whispers that 'something is showing' to one of the tribe members. What is showing?
Finish the sentence: Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell....
Which rapper plays the role of detective Emilio in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?
What is the name of the stolen mascotte from the Miami Dolphins?
What is the name the Watchati give to their sacred white bat?
What is the name of Ace's landlord?
What kind of animal is Ace trying to catch at the end of Ace Ventura 1?
Finish the sentence: Everyone likes a...........
What movie is spoofed/referenced to in the beginning of Ace Ventura:When nature Calls?
QuestionAnswerAllrighty then!
To which actress does Ace make love to in part 1?
The wachootoo call Ace 'equinsu ocha'. What does this mean?
What is the first thing Ace says when he enters the Miami Dolphins mascotte's empty fish tank to investigate it's kidnapping?
Who directed ace ventura: when nature calls ?
Which football player is kidnapped in the 1st movie?
What kind of animal is Tinky, Quinn's pet in Ace Ventura 2?
What is Ace dressed up as when he goes to 'Shady Acres' mental hospital?
Ace calls a look-a-like man the 'Monopoly guy' in the second movie. In the first movie he does the same with another look-a-like. How does he call this person?
Finish the sentence: If i'm not back in five minutes........
From which character is this phrase? 'Listen, pet dick. How would you like me to make your life a living hell? '
What animal does ace bump into at Ron Camp's house when he's expecting a dolphin?

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