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Name of the bar in Lahan
Name of the server in Lahan's bar
Broken part of Weltall that can be fixed
Broken part of Weltall that needs to be replaced
Translate this phrase Citan speaks to Elly in Solarian- 'Nil bayer dars legus?'
Name of the bar in Dazil
Name a drink sold in Dazil's bar
Name of Yggdrasil turrets A and B
Standard Pirate Gears
Dog in the Engine Room of the Yggdrasil
Name for the followers of Sophia
Man from Lahan at the festival who is unaware of the tragedy back home
Margie's favorite cake
What does 'Aerods' stand for?
Name the leader of Vanderkaum's second sqaudron
Name another ship in the Kefeinzel fleet
Name of the female doctor in Nortune's D-Block
Name of the representative of the Battling Committee
Heinrich's last name
Leonardo's last name
Name of Leonardo's Gear
Rico's Battling Record (before fighting Fei)
Name of the cat in the Wildcat bar
Name a child Rico knew growing up
Class of bombs onboard the 8 air units accompanying the Hecht
The 11th base of Kislev is also known as this
Original name of the 'Bart' missiles
Famous rifle of the Fatima Family
Name of the deathblow that a soldier in Shevat is trying to learn
Popular fruit grown in Aphel Aura's Plant Shells
Name of the chu-chu deity
Chu-chu species name
Bart becomes the _____ King of Aveh
Name a drink sold at the bar of the restaurant in Bledavik
How many inverted pullups can Seraphita do?
Fei ends up in which block of the Solaris 3rd Class District?
This character was abducted after losing in the first round of the Aveh Tournament
Name of the latest model of anti-grav car in Etrenank
Who sings the hit song 'Solaris Sunset'?
Touring Etrenank using an 'Etren Guide' is called ____
Password to Erich Van Houten's computer
Elly wounded 2 and killed 3 during this incident in Jugend
According to Sophia, the best way to calm a heart is to _____
How long did Fei and Elly spend healing in Taura's nanoreactors?
What's located at x1507, z1235?
Type of birds purchased for 20,000 G in Snowfield Hideout
Merchant Gear found in the Anima Dungeons
Name of the Anti-Government Terrorist Group in Zeboim
Ramsus's recognition code
Big Joe's real name

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