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Can you name the Locations of the stories in the 1975 version of this childrens' classic?

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Story titleLocationStory Line
Pip Pip Goes To _______Finds the Queen's missing ring
Couscous, the ________ DetectiveOutwits Pepe le Gangstair
Ernst, the _______ Mountain ClimberRetrieves Heidi's cow
Sergeant Yukon of the ______ 'Mounties'Puts Klondike Kid and Tundra Pete in jail
A Castle in _________Some rules you must obey if you live in a castle
Schmudge, the ________ Chimney SweepSaves little Hans Wascherwommen
Hans, the ______ PlumberAlways gets wet
Pierre, the _______ PolicemanCatches a robber hiding in soup
Professor Dig and his _______ MummyAli Baba thinks the mummy is his real mother
Mario, the ________ GondolierCarries Tina and Toni to their wedding
Ah-Choo of ________Baby Ah-Choo sneezes harder than he does
Dr. Krunchew of ________He likes to look at teeth
Officer Montey of _______Rules for the street
Two ________ FishermenUncle Oscar finally catches a fish
Rajah of ______Something will come from above that will make his wife happy
_________ CarnivalNoah the Boa holds the plane together
Sven Svenson's Busy DayEats seven pickles for supper
Story titleLocationStory Line
Albert, the _______ Barge CaptainCaught by a fisherman
Ukulele Louie, the _________ FishermanCan't run a restaurant
Good Luck in ______Maria drives Federico's car into a fountain
Manuel of _______Forgets to buy a pot for beans
Glip and Glop, the _______ PaintersPaint the house opposite colors
Cucumber, the _______ PhotographerLions make movies of themselves while Cucumber sleeps
Taking the ________ TrainSue Zookie's sausage is squashed on the crowded train
Angus, the ________ BagpiperWon't stop playing his bagpipes until they burst
The Silly ________ FarmersFarmers Polka and Dotta mix up their eggs
Happy Lappy from _________Catches Santa's reindeer
Patrick Pig Learns to TalkKisses the Blarney Stone
Sneef, the Best Detective in ________A surprise birthday party for Sneef in Nice
Shalom of _________Forgets doors in the house he's building
Smokey, the ________ FiremanSaves Kathleen Kitty and her blueberry pies
Schtoompah, the Funny ________His tuba is full of everything in his closet
Nurse Matilda of ________Feeds all the koala babies

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