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involves producing a large number of offspring that mature rapidly with little or no parental care
a species may face a crisis so severe as to cause a shift in the allelic frequencies of the survivors of the crisis
binomial theorem
classification system for animals
states that alleles segregate independently of each other when forming gametes
states that genes located on different chromosomes assort independently of each other
symbiosis where one benefits
when several separate species arise from a single ancestral species
occurrence of distinct phenotype forms
symbiosis where one benefits and one is detrimentally affected
total alleles in the population
one allelemay be permanentlylost due to the death of all members having that allele
two or more species evolving from the same group maintain a similar structure from the common ancestor
conditions of hardy-weinberg equilibrium
symbiosis where both benefit
two species independently evolve similar structures
change in the gene pool
involves small brood size with slow maturing offspring and strong parental care

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