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entire system of lamellae and haversian canals
cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle are
connects bone to bone
oxygen storing protein similar to hemoglobin, but can only store one oxygen at a time, responsible for redness of slow twitch fibers
cells that secrete collagen and compound upon which bone is formed.
tunnels burrowed by osteoclasts
cells that differentiate into osteoblasts
smooth muscles have _________ filaments attached to dense bodies
the lumen of the sacroplasmic reticulum is filled with these ions
thick filament of sacromere is made of
connects muscle to bone
flexible resilient connective tissue comprised mainly of collagen
seperate cardiac muscle cells from each other,containsgapjunctions
resorb bone matrix and release minerals to the blood
exchange nutrients and waste materials with the blood, osteoblasts turn into these when they get trapped
a _______________ consists of a nerve and all muscle fibers that synapse with it
voluntary muscle tissue that is multinucleated
new walls formed in haversian canals
smallest functional unit of skeletal muscle
these two bands get smaller while the A band does not
contains red bone marrow, the site of red blood cell development
contains yellow bone marrow, fat storage
three types of muscle tissue
thin filament of sacromere is madeof

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