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acquired immunity involving T cells
generalized protection from most intruding organisms and toxins
contains the most deoxygenated blood
brochioles terminate in grape-like clusters composed of
located in walls seperating the ventricles, action potential travels here from AV node and then spreads to Purkinje fibers
B lymphocytes mature in the
The phenomenon where the binding of one oxygen molecule to the hemoglobin makes it easier for additional oxygen to bind
pulmonary circulation is comprised of blood flowing in what circuit
remain in body, can be called upon to quickly synthesize antibodies in case of reinfection
protection against specific organisms or toxins
three types of granula leukocytes
voice box
(white blood cells) don't contain hemoglobin, protect the body from foreign invaders
cartillaginous member that prevents food from entering the trachea during swalllowing
first time immune system is exposed to an antigen is known as the
passageway for food and air
systemic circulation is comprised of blood flowing in what circuit?
rest of bodies' lymph is drained by
spread the action potential across gap junctions of cardiac muscle, allow for more unified and stronger contraction
specialized cardiac muscle cells that pace heart contractions located in the right atrium
helps b lymphocyte differentiate into plasma cells and memory B cells
coagulation starts with
contains greater volume of blood than arteries/arterioles
lymph from the right arm and head enter the blood through the
the pace of the SA node is faster than normal heartbeats but the parasympathetic ________ innvervates the SA node, slowing the contractions
mature in the thymus
action potential travels from the SA node to the slower
cells that mature into macrophages
skeletal muscle that contracts to create a negative guage pressure in the chest
the lymph system is an _____ system
produces many free antibodies
blood is
acquired immunity involving B cells
trachea branches into left and right _________ before entering the lungs
(red blood cells), have no nucleus or organells, don't reproduce or undergo mitosis
binds to antigen carrying cell and releases peroforin to puncture cell
which ventricle contracts with the most force
faster acting and more potent response upon reinfecdtion
windpipe, composed of ringed cartilage

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