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is acted upon by aldosterone, reabsorbs N and Ca, whole secreting K,H,HCo3
connects renal pelvis to bladder
enzyme found in saliva that starts digestion in the mouth
urine is created by the kidney and emptied into the
wave like motion that moves food through the digestive tract
does digestion occur in the esophogus?
secrete mucus to lubricate intestine and protect brush border
opening to the stomach
enzyme that activates trypsin, located in the brush border
major function of large intestine
parts of the large intestine
salt diffuses out of the ______ loop of henle
secretes gastrin
about 90% of digestion and absorption occurs in the
monitors filtrate pressure in the distal tubule, will secrete renin-angiotensin system to stimulate secretion of aldosterone
impermeable to water but is sensitive to ADH, whoch will make it permeable to water
parts of the small intestine
where does most of the digestion in small intestine occur
glomerulus and Bowman's capsule form the
a capillary network and lymph vessel taking part in nutrient absorption
fuzzy covering of microvilli in the small intestine
important clotting factors made by the liver
sphincter between the stomach and duodenum
two pancreatic enzymes that cleave protein
water diffuses out of the __________ loop of Henle
functional unit of kidney
cells found in stomach exocrine glands that secrete HCl
cells that line the stomach and secrete protective mucous
a protein blood transporter made by the liver
produced by the liver, and stored in gall bladder, emulsifies fats in the small intestine
secrete the zymogen pepsinogen
where most reabsorption occurs in the kidney
pancreatic enzyme that cleaves fats
fluid in the small intestine has an approximate pH of _ thanks to pancreatic bicarbonate ions
food is reduced to _______ in the stomach
when the liver mobilizes fat or protein for energy, blood acidity
large peptide hormone that stimulates parietal cells
pancreatic enzyme that cleaves carbohydrates
protein digesting enzyme in stomach

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