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microtubules are made of
junctions that are small tunnels connecting cells
The ____________ can be further subdivided into the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system
opening of voltage gated sodium channels leads to
fight or flight
the _____ carries the action potential to the synapse
when the action potential arrives at the synapse, _______ ions are released
carry signals to a muscle or gland
myelinated axons appear
receive signals from a receptor that interacts with the environment
unidirectional slower synapse
cells in the eye that can distinguish color
responsible for contracting force in muscle as well as phagocytosis and cytokinesis
The ____________ can be further subdivided into the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system
junction that joins two cells at a signle point
a synapse composed of gap junctions, bidirectional and faster
neuronal cell bodies appear
detects orientation and movement of the head
major portion of cilia and flagella arranged in a 9+2
rest and digest
where is the action potential generated
myelin is produced by
when the voltage gated potassium channels open leads to
transfer signals from neuron to neuron
in order to create an action potential, the stimulus must be greater than the
postganglionic neurons of the sympathetic system use
neurotransmitter used by all preganglionic neurons in theANS and by postganglionic neurons in the parasympathetic system
another molecule within the cell that gets activated by a neurotransmitter to make changes, e.g. a G-protein
neural impulses are transmitted from one cell to another via a
cells in the eye that dont distinguish color
the_________ receives a signal to be transmitted in the neuron
The sodium potassium pump moves
cellular junction that acts as a fluid barrier around cells
sensory neruon cell bodies are located in the
tiny gaps between myelin are called
microfilaments are made of
responsible for higher level thoughts and consciousness
short period of time in which no stimulus will create another action potential
detects sound in the ear
Brain and spinal cord

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